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10 Fluffy Faces That Thought They Were Agent 007

Animals are naturally great at disguising themselves and they have all the necessary tools: the colors, the instincts, the grace, and the skills. And this is not just true for wild animals, but also for our pets that sometimes feel like they are cheetahs. Their owners claim that their pets really love playing hide and seek. But some pets almost become some sort of international spies.

We at Bright Side know how hard it is to catch these small 007-agents red-handed, because they know how to hide really well. But we’ve still managed to find the best photos to share with you. And in the bonus, you will see a staff meeting of these spies.

This face also looks like a toy.

“Charlie’s Angels” mission accomplished

You may just be the best gift.

If you’ve failed your mission, you can always hide behind a curtain.

When you realize that you and your partner blew your covers:

When your color is the same as the wallpaper, it is better to pretend you’re a decorative element.

When you wanted to blend in with the wall but something went wrong:

When you can sense that you’ve been found.

When the cat has the perfect Zorro mask:

A good spy always has to have a great sense of smell.