10 Ways to Reduce Face Pigmentation Naturally

The surplus production of melanin is a common cause of hyper pigmentation. This can happen after some reasons such as: sun exposure or pregnancy when your hormone levels have changed. That’s why it can be hard if you want to get rid of dark spots.
We at Buzz Idea have checked the professional ways and would like to share with you how you can reduce pigmentation naturally and get glowing skin.

1. Apply red onion

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Red onion can work as a lighten agent. A study showed that this vegetable can block the cell actions that lead to excess skin pigmentation.
Essentially, onion can be a good home remedy if you want to make dark spots on your face less visible. The way to use it is simple. So, firstly, take a red onion and dice it up into small pieces. Then, add the finely diced onion to an empty tea bag. Now you can apply it to the area of hyperpigmentation. Let the onion juice sit for 10 minutes on your skin.

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