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Revealed-Dark Family Secrets of 15 Big Hollywood Stars

Hollywood stars might seem like they have the perfect lives. Celebrities live under the spotlight and the majority of the time, we see the glitz, glam, and privilege that is associated with celebrity life. However, like the rest of us, stars are just human beings with backgrounds, histories, and baggage. In fact, many of them have dark family secrets that they would rather stay buried in the past.

Unfortunately, at Buzz idea we Revealed that secrets, because we live in a society that thrives on celebrity culture, many celebs have been unable to keep the secrets from their past hidden away from our prying ears. Some family secrets are no big deal, but these haunting secrets about your favorite stars families will leave you astounded. Most people don’t know that one famous actor and his family escaped a cult when he was a child (No. 10).

1. Sofia Vergara

Sultry actress Sofia Vergara seems like a ball of sunlight. The Modern Family actress has had a long and successful career as an actress and model, and it all stemmed from being discovered by a photographer in her native country, Columbia. Unfortunately, Vergara’s life has not always been so easy. In 1989, her older brother was murdered during a botched kidnapping attempt.

Her younger brother, Julio has also had his troubles. The younger Vergara has had some significant struggles with addiction which has led to countless run-ins with the law. Because of his actions, in 2011, he was ultimately deported back to Columbia. The Hot Pursuit actress said of her brother, “To see somebody [passing] over 10 years, little by little, that’s the worst punishment. Now he’s like another person.” (jennifer fisher hoops)

Sofia Vergara | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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