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Revealed-Dark Family Secrets of 15 Big Hollywood Stars

2. Woody Harrelson

Prolific actor Woody Harrelson has shined in just about every Hollywood film genre you can think of. Quirky and light-hearted, The Hunger Games actor seems like he’s a breath of fresh air, but he’s had to overcome a lot. His father, Charles Harrelson was a notorious hitman. In fact, he committed the first assassination of a federal judge in the twentieth century. It was a crime that got him caught and convicted, but it wasn’t his first.

Harrelson first learned of his father’s real job when he was 12. Allegedly, Charles murdered a carpet salesman for $1,500 after a business deal went south. he lured the man to an undisclosed location shot him and then strangled him. He was later acquitted of this particular time due to lack of evidence. Charles Harrelson passed away in prison in 2009. (jennifer lopez boots)

Woody Harrelson in “Kingpin” | Rysher Entertainment

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